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R genetic programming framework

arityDetermine the number of arguments of a function
arity.primitiveDetermine the number of arguments of a primitive function
booleanFunctionManipulationTools for manipulating boolean functions
breedingBreeding of GP individuals
buildingBlocksSupport for GP buidling blocks
buildingBlockTagsBuilding block tags
customDistA 'dist' function that supports custom metrics
dataDrivenGeneticProgrammingData-driven untyped standard genetic programming
defaultGPFunctionAndConstantSetsDefault function- and constant factory sets for Genetic... variant of that ignores unused arguments
embedDataFrameEmbed columns in a data frame
evolutionRestartConditionsEvolution restart conditions
evolutionRestartStrategiesEvolution restart strategies
evolutionStopConditionsEvolution stop conditions
exprChildrenOrEmptyListReturn the Children of an Expression or the Empty List if...
expressionComplexityMeasuresComplexity measures for R functions and expressions
expressionComposingFunctions for decomposing and recombining R expressions
expressionCountsUpper bounds for expression tree search space sizes
expressionCrossoverRandom crossover (recombination) of functions and expressions
expressionMutationRandom mutation of functions and expressions
expressionNamesFunctions for handling R symbols / names
expressionSimilarityMeasuresSimilarity and Distance Measures for R Functions and...
expressionTransformationCommon higher-order functions for transforming R expressions
exprLabelReturn the "label" at the Root Node of an Expression Tree
exprToPlotmathExprConvert any expression to an expression that is plottable by...
extractAttributesExtract a given attribute of all objects in a list and tag...
formatSecondsFormat time and data values into human-readable character...
funcToPlotmathExprConvert a function to an expression plottable by plotmath
geneticProgrammingStandard typed and untyped genetic programming
gpIndividualVisualizationVisualization of functions and expressions as trees
gridDesignCreate a regular grid design matrix
individualAnalysisFunctions for analysing GP individuals
inversePermutationCalculate the inverse of a permutation
is.sTypeCheck if an object is an sType
iterateRepeatedly apply a function
joinElitesJoin elite lists
latinHypercubeDesignCreate a latin hypercube design (LHD)
lispListsFunctions for Lisp-like list processing
listSplittingAndGroupingSplitting and grouping of lists
maeMean absolute error (MAE)
makeAgeFitnessComplexityParetoGpSearchHeuristicAge Fitness Complexity Pareto GP Search Heuristic for RGP
makeArchiveBasedParetoTournamentSearchHeuristicArchive-based Pareto Tournament Search Heuristic for RGP
makeClosureCreate a new R closure given a function body expression and...
makeCommaEvolutionStrategySearchHeuristicComma Evolution Strategy Search Heuristic for RGP
makeFunctionFitnessFunctionCreate a fitness function from a reference function of one...
makeNaryFunctionFitnessFunctionCreate a fitness function from a n-ary reference function
makeRegressionFitnessFunctionCreate a fitness function for symbolic regression
makeSeSymbolicFitnessFunctionCreate a fitness function based on symbolic squared error...
makeTinyGpSearchHeuristicTiny GP Search Heuristic for RGP
mseMean squared error (MSE)
multiNicheGeneticProgrammingCluster-based multi-niche genetic programming
multiNicheSymbolicRegressionSymbolic regression via multi-niche standard genetic...
new.alistCreate a new function argument list from a list or vector of...
new.functionCreate a new function stub
nmseNormalized mean squared error (NMSE)
nondeterministicRankingCreate a nondeterministic ranking
normalizeNormalize a vector into the interval [0, 1]
normalizedDesignCreate a normalized design matrix
orderByParetoMeasureRearrange points via an arbitrary Pareto-based ranking
paretoFrontKneeIndexFind the knee of a two dimensional pareto front
paretoSortingRearrange points via Pareto-based rankings
plotFunction3dPlot a 2D function as a 3D surface
plotFunctionsShow an overlayed plot of multiple functions
plotParetoFrontPlot a GP Pareto Front
plotPopulationFitnessComplexityFitness/Complexity plot for populations
popfitnessCalculate the fitness value of each individual in a...
populationClusteringClustering Populations for Niching
populationCreationClasses for populations of individuals represented as...
predict.symbolicRegressionModelPredict method for symbolic regression models
print.sTypePrints a sType and returns it invisible.
randeltChoose a random element from a list or vector
randomExpressionChildsSelect random childs or subtrees of an expression
randomExpressionCreationCreates an R expression by random growth
randomExpressionCreationTypedCreates an R expression by random growth respecting type...
randomFunctionCreationCreates an R function with a random expression as its body
randomFunctionCreationTypedCreates a well-typed R function with a random expression as...
randterminalTypedCreate a random terminal node
rangeTypeOfTypeReturn the range type if t is a function type, otherwise just...
rgp-packageThe RGP package
rgpTestingAndBenchmarkingUtility functions for testing and benchmarking the RGP system
r_maeR version of Mean absolute error (MAE)
rmseRoot mean squared error (RMSE)
rsquaredCoefficient of determination (R^2)
r_sseR version of Sum squared error (SSE)
r_ssseR version of Scaled sum squared error (sSSE)
safeGPfunctionsSome simple arithmetic and logic functions for use in GP...
searchSpaceDefinitionFunctions for defining the search space for Genetic...
selectionFunctionsGP selection functions
seSymbolicSymbolic squared error (SE)
seSymbolicFunctionSymbolic squared error function (SE)
smseScaled mean squared error (SMSE)
sortBySort a vector or list by the result of applying a function
sortByRangeTabulate a list of functions or input variables by the range...
sortByRankingSort a vector or list via a given ranking
sortByTypeTabulate a list of functions or input variables by their...
sortingAlgorithmsSorting algorithms for vectors and lists
sseSum squared error (SSE)
ssseScaled sum squared error (sSSE)
sTypeConstructorsType constructors for types in the Rsymbolic type system
sTypeInferenceInference of sTypes
subDataFrameSelect a continuous subframe of a data frame
summary.geneticProgrammingResultSummary reports of genetic programming run result objects
symbolicRegressionSymbolic regression via untyped standard genetic programming
tabulateFunctionTabulate an n-ary function
variablePresenceMapsVariable Presence Maps
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