API for rgplates
R Interface for the GPlates Web Service and Desktop Application

Global functions
IteratedPointReconstruction Source code
fileFromPath Source code
getOS Source code
gplates_reconstruct_coastlines Source code
gplates_reconstruct_points Source code
gplates_reconstruct_static_polygons Source code
initialize,platemodel-method Man page
macDefaultGPlates Source code
platemodel Man page
platemodel-class Man page
randomString Source code
reconstruct Man page
reconstruct,Spatial-method Man page
reconstruct,character-method Man page
reconstruct,data.frame-method Man page
reconstruct,matrix-method Man page
reconstruct,numeric-method Man page
reconstruct,sf-method Man page
reconstructGPlates Source code
rgplates Man page
testGPlates Source code
winDefaultGPlates Source code
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