crm.test: National Geochemical Reconnaissance survey QA/QC data

Description Usage Format Details Source


A subset of Control Reference Material (CRM) data from NGR surveys undertaken in 2000 and 2001.




A data frame with 97 observations on the following 2 variables. Unique identifiers are present in the data frame, use dimnames(crm.test)[[1]] to access or display them.


a code indicating the particular CRM analysed. A factor variable with levels: STSD-1, STSD-2, STSD-3, STSD-4, TILL-4, X, Y, and Z.


the copper determinations, mg/kg.


The ‘value’ of CRM is used to select the CRM data to be displayed, either by creating a specific subset, e.g., using gx.subset, or using the R construct Cu[CRM=="X"] in the call to function crm.plot.


Internal Geological Survey of Canada files.

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