Man pages for rhub
Connect to 'R-hub'

checkCheck an R package on R-hub
check_for_cranCheck an R-package on R-hub, for a CRAN submission
check_shortcutsCheck an R package on an R-hub platform
get_checkRetrieve the result of R-hub checks
last_checkThe last rhub check of this R session
list_my_checksList all checks for an email address
list_package_checksList checks of a package
list_validated_emailsList validated email addresses
local_check_linuxRun a package check locally, in a Docker container
local_check_linux_imagesList R-hub Docker images
platformsList all R-hub platforms
rhub_checkAn 'rhub_check' object holds status and results of rhub...
rhub-idsR-hub check ids
rhub-packagerhub: Connect to 'R-hub'
validate_emailValidate an email address on R-hub
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