Man pages for rhype
Work with Hypergraphs in R

adjacency_matrixFind the Adjacency Matrix of a Hypergraph
degreeFind the Degree of Vertices in a Hypergraph
example_hypeGenerate an Example Hypergraph
has_real_coefDoes a Hypergraph Have Real Coefficients
hype_from_edge_listCreate a Hypergraph From a Hyperedge List
hype_from_inc_matCreate a Hypergraph From an Incidence Matrix
hype_infoPrint More Detail About a Hypergraph
hype_norm_lap_matFind the Hyperedge Normalised Laplacian Matrix of a...
hyperedge_listGet Hyperedge List
hyperedge_namesGet Hyperedge Names
hyperedge_weightsGet Hyperedge Weights
incidence_matrixFind the Incidence Matrix of a Hypergraph
is_directedIs a Hypergraph Directed
is_orientedIs a Hypergraph Oriented
is_weightedIs a Hypergraph Weighted
laplacian_matrixFind the Laplacian Matrix of a Hypergraph
pseudo_invertPseudo-Invert a Vector
spectraFind the Spectra of a Hypergraph
spectral_distanceFind the Spectral Distance Between Two Hypergraphs
spectral_distance_discFind the Spectral Distance From the Fully Disconnected...
validate_hypergraphQuickly Validate a Hypergraph
vertex_namesGet Vertex Names
vertex_weightsGet Vertex Weights
vert_norm_lap_matFind the Vertex Normalised Laplacian Matrix of a Hypergraph
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