efea: Soil macrofauna in a tropical forest site and cultivated plot...

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The efea data set is a list of two data sets. Each one is a data frame giving the species abundance of soil macrofauna in a set of soil samples. efeb$ef corresponds to samples collected in a secondary forest in French Guiana while efeb$ea contains data collected in in a field (aka abattis) in French Guiana. These data were collected in the viciny of the Wayana village of Elahe situated on the Tampoc river.




efea is a list of two data frame containing the observations of 142 species (columns) at 30 sampling locations (rows).


Rossi, J.-P., Celini, L., Mora, P., Mathieu, J., Lapied, E., Nahmani, J., Ponge, J.-F., and Lavelle, P. (2010). Decreasing fallow duration in tropical slash-and-burn agriculture alters soil macro-invertebrate diversity: A case study in southern French Guiana. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 135, 148-154.



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