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Ridge Regression with Automatic Selection of the Penalty Parameter

GenBinSimulated genetic data with a binary phenotypes
GenContSimulated genetic data with continuous outcomes
GormanThe Ten-Factor data first described by Gorman and Toman...
HaldHald data
linearRidgeLinear ridge regression.
linearRidgeGenotypesFits linear ridge regression models for genome-wide SNP data.
linearRidgeGenotypesPredictPredict phenotypes from genome-wide SNP data based on a file...
logisticRidgeLogistic ridge regression.
logisticRidgeGenotypesFits logistic ridge regression models for genomoe-wide SNP...
logisticRidgeGenotypesPredictPredict fitted probabilities from genome-wide SNP data based...
pvalsCompute p-values for ridgeLinear and ridgeLogistic models
ridgeridge: Linear and logistic ridge regression functions.
ridge-internalInternal functions for logistic ridge regression.
ridge-packageridge-package description
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