Man pages for rif
Client for 'Neuroscience' Information Framework 'APIs'

federation_dataFederation data
federation_facetFederation facets
federation_searchFederation search
lexical_chunksLexical services - break into chunks
lexical_entitiesLexical services - break into entities
lexical_pmchunksLexical services - break Pubmed documents into chunks
lexical_pmentitiesLexical services - break Pubmed documents into entities
lexical_posLexical services - extract POS tags from input text
lexical_sentencesLexical services - break into sentences
literature_mlpmidLiterature - more like PMID search
literature_mltextLiterature - more like text search
literature_pmidGet articles by PMID
literature_retractionsSearch literature retractions
literature_searchLiterature search
rif-packageR Client for Neuroscience Information Framework APIs
rif_queryQuery NIF data
rif_query_categoriesQuery NIF data
vocabularyVocabulary services - get terms that match a prefix
vocabulary_categoriesVocabulary services - get categories
vocabulary_providersVocabulary services - get providers
vocabulary_searchVocabulary services - Search for vocabulary terms and their...
vocabulary_suggestVocabulary services - Get suggestions for terms
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