rinform: rinform: An R wrapper of the Inform C library.

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As for the Inform library, rinform is structured around the concepts of: * discrete empirical probability distributions which form the basis for all of the information-theoretic measures, * classic information-theoretic measures built upon empirical distributions, * measures of information dynamics for time series.


In addition to the core components, rinform also provides a small collection of utilities to deal with time series.

If you are using rinform, consider citing the following articles:

* D.G. Moore, G. Valentini, S.I. Walker, M. Levin. “Inform: Efficient Information-Theoretic Analysis of Collective Behaviors”. _Frontiers in Robotics & AI. (under review) * D.G. Moore, G. Valentini, S.I. Walker, M. Levin. “Inform: A Toolkit for Information-Theoretic Analysis of Complex Systems”. In: Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence, Symposium on Artificial Life, IEEE Press, 2017. (in press)

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