Man pages for rjazz
Official Client for 'Jazz'

create_block_repCreate a data block in the server by repeating a value a...
create_block_seqCreate a data block in the server with a simple linear...
create_error_pageCustomize the error pages on the server
create_sourceCreate a new source on the server
create_web_resourceHigh level create a new association of an url from an object
delete_blockDelete a block on the server
delete_sourceDelete a source on the server
delete_web_sourceRemove a complete web source for the server's "www" source
get_block_as_stringGet a data block as an R string
get_block_attributesGet the (header) attributes of a block
get_raw_blockGeneric (low level) GET call to a block in the block API
get_R_blockRead a data block as an R object
get_server_versionGet the version of the Jazz server
licenseBBVA - Jazz: A lightweight analytical web server for...
list_sourcesList all the sources on the Jazz server
list_web_sourcesList all the web sources on the Jazz server
new_keyCreate a key for a new block using a RNG
noticeBBVA - Jazz: A lightweight analytical web server for...
put_block_flagsWrite flags into a block's header
put_raw_blockWrite a raw object or a string as a block.
put_R_blockWrite an R object as a data block
put_strings_as_blockWrite a vector of strings as a data block
rjazz-packageOfficial Client for Jazz
set_compatible_data_typeChange the type of a data block to a binary compatible type
set_jazz_hostSet the name of the Jazz server to avoid passing it in all...
type_constA set of server constants stored in a list
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