Man pages for rlang
Functions for Base Types and Core R and 'Tidyverse' Features

abortSignal an error, warning, or message
are_naTest for missing values
arg_matchMatch an argument to a character vector
as_boxConvert object to a box
as_bytesCoerce to a raw vector
as_data_maskCreate a data mask
as_envCoerce to an environment
as_environmentCoerce to an environment
as_functionConvert to function or closure
as_labelCreate a default name for an R object
as_nameExtract names from symbols
as_overscopeCreate an overscope
as_pairlistCoerce to pairlist
as_quosureCoerce object to quosure
as_stringCast symbol to string
as_utf8_characterCoerce to a character vector and attempt encoding conversion
bare-type-predicatesBare type predicates
boxBox a value
call2Create a call
call_argsExtract arguments from a call
caller_envGet the current or caller environment
caller_fnGet properties of the current or caller frame
caller_frameGet caller frame
call_fnExtract function from a call
call_inspectInspect a call
call_modifyModify the arguments of a call
call_nameExtract function name or namespace of a call
call_parse_typeWhat is the parser type of a call?
call_standardiseStandardise a call
catch_cndCatch a condition
chr_unserialise_unicodeTranslate unicode points to UTF-8
cndCreate a condition object
cnd_messageBuild an error message from parts
cnd_muffleMuffle a condition
cnd_signalSignal a condition object
cnd_typeWhat type is a condition?
doneBox a final value for early termination
dots_definitionsCapture definition objects
dots_nHow many arguments are currently forwarded in dots?
dots_valuesEvaluate dots with preliminary splicing
duplicateDuplicate an R object
dyn-dotsDynamic dots
empty_envGet the empty environment
entraceAdd backtrace from error handler
envCreate a new environment
env_bindBind symbols to objects in an environment
env_bind_exprsBind a promise or active binding
env_binding_are_activeWhat kind of environment binding?
env_binding_lockLock or unlock environment bindings
env_buryMask bindings by defining symbols deeper in a scope
env_cloneClone an environment
env_depthDepth of an environment chain
env_getGet an object in an environment
env_hasDoes an environment have or see bindings?
env_inheritsDoes environment inherit from another environment?
env_lockLock an environment
env_nameLabel of an environment
env_namesNames and numbers of symbols bound in an environment
env_parentGet parent environments
env_pokePoke an object in an environment
env_printPretty-print an environment
env_unbindRemove bindings from an environment
env_unlockUnlock an environment
eval_bareEvaluate an expression in an environment
eval_tidyEvaluate an expression with quosures and pronoun support
execExecute a function
exitingExiting handler
expr_interpProcess unquote operators in a captured expression
expr_labelTurn an expression to a label
expr_printPrint an expression
exprs_auto_nameEnsure that all elements of a list of expressions are named
faq-optionsGlobal options for rlang
flattenFlatten or squash a list of lists into a simpler vector
fn_bodyGet or set function body
fn_envReturn the closure environment of a function
fn_fmlsExtract arguments from a function
format_error_bulletsFormat bullets for error messages
frame_positionFind the position or distance of a frame on the evaluation...
f_rhsGet or set formula components
friendly_typeFormat a type for error messages
f_textTurn RHS of formula into a string or label
get_envGet or set the environment of an object
has_lengthHow long is an object?
has_nameDoes an object have an element with this name?
inherits_anyDoes an object inherit from a set of classes?
invokeInvoke a function with a list of arguments
is_callIs object a call?
is_callableIs an object callable?
is_conditionIs object a condition?
is_copyableIs an object copyable?
is_emptyIs object an empty vector or NULL?
is_envIs an object an environment?
is_environmentIs object an environment?
is_exprIs an object an expression?
is_expressionIs an object an expression?
is_formulaIs object a formula?
is_frameIs object a frame?
is_functionIs object a function?
is_installedAre packages installed in any of the libraries?
is_integerishIs a vector integer-like?
is_interactiveIs R running interactively?
is_langIs object a call?
is_namedIs object named?
is_namespaceIs an object a namespace environment?
is_pairlistIs object a node or pairlist?
is_referenceIs an object referencing another?
is_stackIs object a stack?
is_symbolIs object a symbol?
is_trueIs object identical to TRUE or FALSE?
is_weakrefIs object a weak reference?
langCreate a call
lang_headReturn the head or tail of a call
lang_modifyManipulate or access a call
last_errorLast 'abort()' error
lifecycleLife cycle of the rlang package
list2Collect dots in a list
local_bindingsTemporarily change bindings of an environment
local_optionsChange global options
missingMissing values
missing_argGenerate or handle a missing argument
mut_node_carMutate node components
names2Get names of a vector
new_callCreate a new call from components
new_formulaCreate a formula
new_functionCreate a function
new_nodeHelpers for pairlist and language nodes
new_quosuresCreate a list of quosures
new-vectorCreate vectors matching a given length
new-vector-along-retiredCreate vectors matching the length of a given vector
new_weakrefCreate a weak reference
nse-defuseDefuse R expressions
nse-forceForce parts of an expression
ns_envGet the namespace of a package
op-definitionDefinition operator
op-get-attrInfix attribute accessor and setter
op-na-defaultReplace missing values
op-null-defaultDefault value for 'NULL'
overscope_eval_nextEvaluate next quosure in a data mask
pairlist2Create pairlists with splicing support
parse_exprParse R code
parse_quoParsing variants that return quosures
parse_quosureParse text into a quosure
prependPrepend a vector
prim_nameName of a primitive function
quo_exprSquash a quosure
quo_labelFormat quosures for printing or labelling
quo_squashSquash a quosure
quosureQuosure getters, setters and testers
raw_deparse_strSerialize a raw vector to a string
rep_alongCreate vectors matching the length of a given vector
restartingCreate a restarting handler
return_fromJump to or from a frame
rlang_backtrace_on_errorDisplay backtrace on error
rst_abortJump to the abort restart
rst_listRestarts utilities
scalar-type-predicatesScalar type predicates
scoped_envRetired 'scoped' functions
scoped_interactiveQuestioning 'scoped_' functions
search_envsSearch path environments
seq2Increasing sequence of integers in an interval
set_attrsAdd attributes to an object
set_exprSet and get an expression
set_namesSet names of a vector
spliceSplice lists
stackCall stack information
stack_trimTrim top call layers from the evaluation stack
stringCreate a string
switch_typeDispatch on base types
symCreate a symbol or list of symbols
tidyeval-dataData pronouns for tidy evaluation
trace_backCapture a backtrace
type_ofBase type of an object
type-predicatesType predicates
vec_poke_nPoke values into a vector
vector-coercionCoerce an object to a base type
vector-constructionCreate vectors
vector-old-ctorsRetired vector construction by length
with_abortPromote all errors to rlang errors
with_envEvaluate an expression within a given environment
with_handlersEstablish handlers on the stack
with_restartsEstablish a restart point on the stack
wref_keyGet key/value from a weak reference object
zapCreate zap objects
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