Man pages for rlc
Create Interactive Linked Charts with Minimal Code

chartEventTrigger an event
closePageStop server
datLink data to the chart
getMarkedGet currently marked elements
getPageGet the currently running app
LCAppLCApp class
lc_barsCreate a barplot
lc_colourSliderAdd a colour slider
lc_heatmapCreate a heatmap
lc_histHistograms and density plots
lc_htmlAdd HTML code to the page
lc_imageAdd static plot or custom image to the page
lc_inputAdd input forms to the page
lc_lineLines and ribbons
lc_scatterVisualize a set of points
listChartsList all existing charts and layers
markMark elements of a chart
openPageOpen a new empty page
removeChartRemove chart from the page
removeLayerRemove a layer from a chart
setPropertiesSet properties of the chart
updateChartsUpdate a chart
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