Man pages for rle
Common Functions for Run-Length Encoded Vectors

as.rleCoerce to 'rle' if not already an 'rle' object
compressA generic function for compressing a data structure.
compress.rleCompress the 'rle' object by merging adjacent runs
Extract.rleIndexing Methods for 'rle' Objects
Math.rleMathematical functions for 'rle' Objects
Ops.rleUnary and Binary Operations for 'rle' Objects
rep.rleA 'rep' method for 'rle' objects
rle-deprecatedDeprecated functions from 'rle'
rle-methodsMiscellaneous Common Methods for 'rle' Objects
rle-packageThe 'rle' Package
Summary.rleSummary methods for 'rle' objects.
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