Man pages for rlme
Rank-Based Estimation and Prediction in Random Effects Nested Models

beta_varEstimate fixed-effect variance for Joint Rank Method (JR) in...
compare.fitsCompare Fits
dispvarRank-based dispersion estimate.
GEER_estGEER: General Estimating Equation Rank-Based Estimation...
getgrstplotQ-Q Plot and Standardized Residual Plot for the GR fit.
getlmestplotQ-Q Plot and Standardized Residual Plot for the REML or ML...
GR_estGR Method
hbrwts_grHBR Weight
JR_estJR Method
LM_estLinear Model Estimation using the nlme package.
lmrRank Based Fixed Effect Regression
minimize_dispersionMinimize Dispersion Function
plot.rlmePlot rlme Fit
rhoschCluster Correlation Coefficient Estimate
rhosectSubcluster Correlation Coefficient Estimate
rlmeRank-based Estimates for Mixed-Effects Nested Models
rprCluster and Subcluster effects
schoolsPISA Literacy Data
stanresidgrCalculate Standard Residuals
summary.rlmerlme Summary
wilonestepWilcoxon estimate for independent linear models
wilstepWilcoxon One Step Rank-based Estimate in GR Method
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