Man pages for rmarkdown
Dynamic Documents for R

all_output_formatsDetermine all output formats for an R Markdown document
beamer_presentationConvert to a Beamer presentation
compile_notebookCompiling R scripts to a notebook
default_output_formatDetermine the default output format for an R Markdown...
draftCreate a new document based on a template
find_external_resourcesFind External Resource References
github_documentConvert to GitHub Flavored Markdown
html-dependenciesProvide common HTML dependencies for R Markdown formats
html_documentConvert to an HTML document
html_document_baseBase output format for HTML-based output formats
html_fragmentConvert to an HTML fragment.
html_notebookConvert to an HTML notebook
html_notebook_metadataGenerate R Notebook Metadata
html_notebook_outputGenerate R Notebook Output
html_vignetteConvert to an HTML vignette
includesInclude content within output
ioslides_presentationConvert to an ioslides Presentation
knit_params_askRun a shiny application asking for parameter configuration...
knitr_optionsKnitr options for an output format
knitr_options_htmlKnitr options for an HTML output format
knitr_options_pdfKnitr options for a PDF output format
latex_dependencyDefine a LaTeX package dependency
md_documentConvert to a markdown document
metadataThe YAML metadata of the current R Markdown document
navbar_htmlCreate a navbar HTML file from a navbar definition
odt_documentConvert to an OpenDocument Text (ODT) document
output_formatDefine an R Markdown output format
output_metadataThe output metadata object
paged_tableCreate a table in HTML with support for paging rows and...
pandoc_argsFunctions for generating pandoc command line arguments
pandoc_availableCheck pandoc availability and version
pandoc_citeproc_convertConvert a bibliograpy file
pandoc_convertConvert a document with pandoc
pandoc_execGet the path of the pandoc executable
pandoc_optionsPandoc options for an output format
pandoc_path_argTransform path for passing to pandoc
pandoc_self_contained_htmlCreate a self-contained HTML document using pandoc.
pandoc_templateRender a pandoc template.
parse_html_notebookParse an HTML Notebook
pdf_documentConvert to a PDF/LaTeX document
powerpoint_presentationConvert to a PowerPoint presentation
relative_toRelative path utility function
renderRender R Markdown
render_delayedDelay Rendering for an Expression
render_siteRender multiple documents as a website
render_supporting_filesRender supporting files for an input document
resolve_output_formatResolve the output format for an R Markdown document
rmarkdown_formatR Markdown input format definition
rmarkdown-packageR Markdown Document Conversion
rmd_metadataR Markdown Metadata
rtf_documentConvert to an RTF document
runRun a Shiny document
shiny_prerendered_chunkAdd code to a shiny_prerendered context
shiny_prerendered_cleanClean prerendered content for the specified Rmd input file
shiny_prerendered_server_start_codeGet the server startup code for a shiny_prerendered server...
site_resourcesDetermine website resource files for a directory
slidy_presentationConvert to a slidy presentation
tufte_handoutTufte handout format (PDF)
word_documentConvert to an MS Word document
yaml_front_matterParse the YAML front matter from a file
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