Man pages for rmcfs
The MCFS-ID Algorithm for Feature Selection and Interdependency Discovery

artificial.dataCreates artificial dataset
build.idgraphConstructs interdependencies graph
export.plotsExports MCFS-ID result plots
export.resultSaves MCFS-ID result into set csv files
fix.dataFixes input data values, column names and attributes types
import.resultReads csv result files produced by the MCFS-ID Java module
mcfsMCFS-ID (Monte Carlo Feature Selection and Interdependency...
plot.idgraphPlots interdependencies graph
plot.mcfsPlots various MCFS result components
print.mcfsPrints mcfs result
prune.dataFilters input data
read.adhReads data from ADH
read.adxReads data from ADX
showmeBasic data information
write.adhWrites data to ADH
write.adxWrites data to ADX
write.arffWrites data to ARFF
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