Man pages for rmngb
Miscellaneous Collection of Functions for Medical Data Analysis

ablineCIAdd Confidence Interval Lines to a Plot
asIntegerFloating Point Numbers to Integers
blandAltmannBland-Altman Plot
closestApproximate Matching
colClassesColumn Classes in a Dataframe
colVarsForm Row and Column Variances
compositionCompose Functions
consLISP-like Functions
counterCreate and manipulate counters
createStackStack Operations
diagBinomPlot Diagnostics for Logistic Regressions
interleaveInterleave vectors
invDiagMatrix Diagonals with a useless(?) twist
kde2dQuantileTwo-Dimensional Kernel Density Estimation Quantiles
locfLast Observation Carried Forward
mergeVVerbose Merge
nameToStringConvert Object Name to Character String
nDistinctNumber of Distinct Elements
outThe Opposite of '%in%'
outerListOuter Product of Lists
pairwise.chisq.testPairwise Chi-squared and Fisher Test
plotCorPlot a Correlation Matrix
plotDensityHistogram and Density Plot
plotICCVisualization of Intra Class Correlation
plotScatterScatterplot with LOWESS Line
qqplot2Quantile-Quantile Plots using arbitrary distributions.
rDistGenerate Random Numbers from a Gaussian Kernel Density...
rmAttrRemove Attributes
rversionVersion Information as a Character String
timeVarGenerate Time-Dependant Variables
vswitchElement Selection from a List of Alternatives
zipListsCombination of Lists
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