data_london: Example observational data for the *rmweather* package.

data_londonR Documentation

Example observational data for the rmweather package.


These example data are daily means of NO2 and NOx observations at London Marylebone Road. The accompanying surface meteorological data are from London Heathrow, a major airport located 23 km west of Central London.




Tibble with 15676 observations and 11 variables. The variables are: date, date_end, site, site_name, value, air_temp, atmospheric_pressure, rh, wd, and ws. The dates are in POSIXct format, the site variables are characters and all other variables are numeric.


The NO2 and NOx observations are sourced from the European Commission Air Quality e-Reporting repository which can be freely shared with acknowledgement of the source. The meteorological data are sourced from the Integrated Surface Data (ISD) database which cannot be redistributed for commercial purposes and are bound to the WMO Resolution 40 Policy.


Stuart K. Grange


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