Man pages for rnaturalearth
World Map Data from Natural Earth

check_data_existcheck whether the requested data exist on Natural Earth
check_rnaturalearthdataCheck whether to install rnaturalearthdata and install if...
check_rnaturalearthhiresCheck whether to install rnaturalearthhires and install if...
check_scalecheck that this scale is present in Natural Earth
countriesworld country polygons from Natural Earth
get_dataGet data from within the package
install_rnaturalearthdataInstall the naturalearthdata package after checking with the...
install_rnaturalearthhiresInstall the naturalearthhires package after checking with the...
ne_as_sfcoerce return object to sf if option set
ne_coastlineGet natural earth world coastline
ne_countriesGet natural earth world country polygons
ne_downloaddownload data from Natural Earth and (optionally) read into R
ne_file_namereturn a natural earth filename based on arguments
ne_loadload a Natural Earth vector that has already been downloaded...
ne_statesGet natural earth world state (admin level 1) polygons
rnaturalearthrnaturalearth : world map data from Natural Earth
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