Man pages for rnbn
Access NBN Data

createWKTCreate polygon from point
dataProvidersGet data providers
datasetTaxaGet a list of taxa present in a given dataset
datePartExtract element from a vague date
getFeatureGet details for a given feature
getGroupSpeciesTVKsGets TVKs for a group
getOccurrencesGet occurrences for a given species
getTaxonomyGet the taxonomical heirarchy for a given taxon
getTVKQueryGets TVKs for a query
gr2gps_latlonCovert grid reference to latitude and longitude
gridCoordsGet x,y coordinates from a grid reference
gridRefManipulate OSGB or OSNI grid reference string
listDatasetsGet Dataset definitions
listGroupsGet group definitions
listOrganisationsGet organisation definitions
listVCsGet list of vice-counties
makenbnurlBuild the URL to call NBN web-services
nbnLoginGet Login credentials for NBN access
rnbnAccess data from the NBN
runnbnurlRun the constructed url and get data
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