lcd: Local Climatological Data from NOAA

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Local Climatological Data from NOAA


Local Climatological Data from NOAA


lcd(station, year, col_types = NULL, ...)



(character) station code, e.g., "02413099999". we will allow integer/numeric passed here, but station ids can have leading zeros, so it's a good idea to keep stations as character class. required


(integer) year, e.g., 2017. required


(named character vector) defaults to NULL. Use this argument to change the returned column type. For example,"character" instead of "numeric". See or use lcd_columns to create a named vector with allowed column names. If the user specified type is not compatible, the function will choose a type automatically and raise a message. optional


curl options passed on to crul::verb-GET


a data.frame with many columns. the first 10 are metadata:

  • station

  • date

  • latitude

  • longitude

  • elevation

  • name

  • report_type

  • source

And the rest should be all data columns. The first part of many column names is the time period, being one of:

  • hourly

  • daily

  • monthly

  • shortduration

So the variable you are looking for may not be the first part of the column name


See lcd_cache for managing cached files


Docs: Data comes from:


## Not run: 
x = lcd(station = "01338099999", year = 2017)
lcd(station = "01338099999", year = 2015)
lcd(station = "02413099999", year = 2009)
lcd(station = "02413099999", year = 2001)

# pass curl options
lcd(station = "02413099999", year = 2002, verbose = TRUE)

## End(Not run)

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