Man pages for robustarima
Robust ARIMA Modeling

arima.robRobust Fit of a REGARIMA Model and Outliers Detection
arima.rob.objectRobust REGARIMA Model and Outliers Detection Objects
coef.arima.robUse coef on an arima.rob Object
frip.datMonthly Industrial Production of France
import.datMonthly Imports and Import Taxes of Argentina
newtaxes.datMonthly Import Taxes of Argentina
outliersOutliers Extraction for an <code>arima.rob</code> Object
outliers.objectOutliers Objects Extracted from <code>arima.rob</code>...
predict.arima.robUse predict on an arima.rob Object
print.arima.robUse print on an arima.rob Object
print.outliersUse print on an outliers Object
print.summary.arima.robUse print on a summary.arima.rob Object
print.summary.outliersUse print on a summary.outliers Object
summary.arima.robSummary Method for arima.rob Objects
summary.outliersSummary Method for outliers Objects
vcov.arima.robUse <code>vcov()</code> on an <code>arima.rob</code> Model...
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