Man pages for robustfa
An Object Oriented Solution for Robust Factor Analysis

compute_cov_corCompute the Robust Covariance and Correlation Matrix of A...
computeScoresCompute Factor Scores
detailShow Details of an Object
Fa-classClass '"Fa"'
FaClassicClassical Factor Analysis
FaClassic-classClass '"FaClassic"'
FaCovRobust Factor Analysis
FaCov-classClass '"FaCov"'
factorScorePcaFactor Analysis by Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
factorScorePfaFactor Analysis by Principal Factor Analysis (PFA)
FaRobust-classClass '"FaRobust"'
fsOrderCompute the Ordered Factor Scores
getCenter-methodsAccess Center slot
getEigenvalues-methodsAccess Eigenvalues slot
getFa-methodsAccess slots of "Fa"
getLoadings-methodsAccess Loadings slot
getQuan-methodsAccess n.obs slot
getScores-methodsAccess Scores slot
getSdev-methodsAccess Standard Deviation slot
myFaPrintShow/Print/Display an Object
myplotDDDistance-Distance Plot
plot-methodsPlot an object of class "Fa"
predict-methodsCalculates prediction
print-methodsShow/Print/Display an Object
robustfa-packageAn Object Oriented Solution for Robust Factor Analysis
show-methodsShow/Print/Display an Object
stock611The Stocks Data - Year 2001
SummaryFa-classClass '"SummaryFa"'
summary-methodsSummary an Object
Ulogical-classClass '"Ulogical"'
Unumeric-classClass '"Unumeric"'
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