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This function calculates the Rao-Stirling diversity index of a single publication, based on the count of citations to different disciplines. Note that this function returns the correct result if a vector of proportions is supplied as input. Since a normalization by (approximately) 1.0 is performed, the result is identical to the result of the function RaoProportions up to numerical precision.


RaoCounts(counts, similarity)



A vector of counts of citations to different disciplines of a single publication. The length of the vector should be equal to the total number of disciplines.


A positive semi-definite matrix that encodes the similarity between disciplines, as explained in Porter and Rafols (2009). The dimensions of this matrix are n x n, being n the total number of disciplines. The number of rows and the number columns of this matrix need to be equal to the length of counts. The self-similarities (i.e. the diagonal elements) have to be 1.


The Rao-Stirling diversity index of a publication.


Porter, A. and Rafols, I. (2009) Is science becoming more interdisciplinary? Measuring and mapping six research fields over time. Scientometrics, Vol. 81, No. 3 (719-745). DOI:10.1007/s11192-008-2197-2

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