rocTree 1.1.1

rocTree 1.1.0

rocTree Version 1.0.0

* Update DESCRIPTION as suggested by CRAN

rocTree 0.99-9

* Modified dCON
* Added forest
* Slight speed improvement.
* Rebuild with roxygen2

rocTree 0.99-5

* Modified the print funciton; tree now print with data.tree package, but the old way can still be called.
* Added the plot function (from DiagrammeR); tree can be plotted in seveal ways.
* Added plot saving feature.

rocTree 0.99-4

* Added the print function; tree can be printed in two ways determined by the logical value of top2bottom

rocTree 0.99-3

* Fixed folding in cross validation; now the folding are generated based on percentile as in caret::createFolds

rocTree 0.99-2

* Added plot.rocTree to plot hazard functions for the final terminal nodes.
* Added and cleaned dfFinal and ndFinal.
* Added an additional smoothing parameter for plots.

rocTree 0.99-1

* Added parallel computing for VC.
* Added rocTree.prune.
* Drafted the help pages.
* Improved speed in data preparation.

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