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Includes an ever-growing collection of functions that assist in the presentation of regression models. The initial function was outreg, which produces LaTeX tables that summarize one or many fitted regression models. It also offers plotting conveniences like plotPlane and plotSlopes, which illustrate some of the variables from a fitted regression model. For a detailed check on multicollinearity, see mcDiagnose. The user should be aware of this fact: Not all of these functions lead to models or types of analysis that we endorese. Rather, they all lead to analysis that is endorsed by some scholars, and we feel it is important to facilitate the comparison of competing methods. For example, the function standardize will calculate standardized regression coefficients for all predictors in a regression model's design matrix in order to replicate results from other statistical frameworks, no matter how unwise the use of such coefficients might be. The function meanCenter will allow the user to more selectively choose variables for centering (and possibly standardization) before they are entered into the design matrix. Because of the importance of interaction variables in regression analysis, the residualCenter and meanCenter functions are offered. While mean centering does not actually help with multicollinearity of interactive terms, many scholars have argued that it does. The meanCenter function can be compared with the "residual centering" of interaction terms.


Paul E. Johnson


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