Man pages for rollmatch
Rolling Entry Matching

add_balance_tableAdd the balancing table to the final output
add_matches_columnsCreate additional columns for the matches dataset
check_lookbackRun checks on variable lookback
compare_poolCreate a dataframe of comparisons between all treatment and...
create_matchesAlgorithm to find best matches from the comparison pool
make_outputCombine the results of rollmatch into a tidy list for output
reduce_dataPreprocessing Step to Rolling Entry Matching
rem_synthdataSynthetic dataset to illustrate rolling entry
rem_synthdata_smallSynthetic dataset to illustrate rolling entry (small)
rollmatchRolling entry matching
run_checks_oneRun checks on variable inputs
run_checks_twoRun checks on variable inputs
score_dataRun a logistic or probit model
trim_poolUse a caliper to trim the data to only observations within...
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