Man pages for roptim
General Purpose Optimization in R using C++

example1_rosen_bfgsExample 1: Minimize Rosenbrock function using BFGS
example1_rosen_grad_hess_checkExample 1: Gradient/Hessian checks for the implemented C++...
example1_rosen_nograd_bfgsExample 1: Minimize Rosenbrock function (with numerical...
example1_rosen_other_methodsExample 1: Minimize Rosenbrock function using other methods
example2_tsp_sannExample 2: Solve Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) using SANN
example3_flb_25_dims_box_conExample 3: Minimize a function using L-BFGS-B with...
example4_wild_funExample 4: Minimize a "wild" function using SANN and BFGS
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