Man pages for rorcid
Interface to the '' API

as.orcidConvert an ORCID or something like an ORCID object
browseNavigate to an ORCID profile in your default browser
check_doisVerify DOI's are likely good
fieldsLookup table for search fields
identifiersGet identifiers
issn_titleLookup vector for journal titles by ISSN
orcidSearch for ORCID ID's.
orcid_activitiesGet activities for a person
orcid_addressGet address information for a person
orcid_authORCID authorization
orcid_bioGet biography data for a person
orcid_citationsGet citations
orcid_distinctionsGet distinction for a person
orcid_doiSearch for ORCID ID's using DOIs
orcid_educationsGet education information for a person
orcid_emailGet education information for a person
orcid_employmentsGet employment information for a person
orcid_external_identifiersGet external identifiers for a person
orcid_fundingsGet funding information for a person
orcid_idGet data for particular ORCID's
orcid_invited_positionsGet invited positions for a person
orcid_keywordsGet education information for a person
orcid_membershipsGet memberships for a person
orcid_other_namesGet education information for a person
orcid_peer_reviewsGet peer review information for a person
orcid_personGet personal data for a person
orcid_pingCheck if ORCID API is up and running
orcid_qualificationsGet qualifications for a person
orcid_researcher_urlsGet researcher urls for a person
orcid_research_resourcesGet research resources for a person
orcid_searchOrcid search - more user friendly than 'orcid()'
orcid_servicesGet services
orcid_worksGet works for a person
rorcid-defunctDefunct functions in rorcid
rorcid-packageA programmatic R interface the API
summary.or_cid-defunctThis function is defunct.
worksGet works data
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