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'Rosette' API

apiapi wrapper function that checks for a user_key and...
check_address_parameterspreemptive check for address-similarity request parameter...
check_content_parameterspreemptive check for content/contentUri request parameter...
check_deduplicationcheck if the required request parameters for name...
check_for_multipartHelper to check for file submission
check_morphologydetermine which morphology endpoint to use
check_namescheck if the required request parameters for either names...
create_multipartcreate a multipart
error_checkcheck if Rosette API response includes and error message
get_binding_versionProvides the binding Version
get_endpointhttr::GET request to specified Rosette API endpoint
get_headersHelper to combine custom headers with the default ones
post_endpointhttr::POST request to specified Rosette API endpoint
serialize_address_paramsserialize address-similarity parameters
serialize_name_deduplication_parametersserialize Rosette API parameters
serialize_name_parametersserialize Rosette API parameters
serialize_parametersserialize Rosette API parameters
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