Man pages for rosm
Plot Raster Map Tiles from Open Street Map and Other Sources

as.tile_sourceTile Sources
bmaps.plotPlot Bing Maps
bmaps.typesList types of Bing Maps
extract_bboxExtract a bounding box from an object
osm.imageGet Open Street Map Tiles As A RasterStack
osm.linesOverlay lines on an OSM plot
osm.plotPlot Open Street Map Tiles
osm.pointsOverlay points on an OSM plot
osm.polygonOverlay a polygon on an OSM plot
osm.segmentsOverlay segments on an OSM plot
osm.textOverlay text on an OSM plot
osm.typesGet List of Valid Tile Sources
register_tile_sourceRegister Tile Sources
rosmPlot Raster Map Tiles From Open Street Map and Other Sources
set_default_cachedirSet/Get the Default Tile Cache Location
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