Man pages for rosr
Create Reproducible Research Projects

copy_rmdCopy the existing .Rmd file from the rosr package to the...
create_bibCreate a demo .bib file
create_bookCreate a demo bookdown project
create_dataCreate a demo data file
create_dirCreate an empty directory
create_eqCreate a demo equation sheet
create_mindmapCreate a demo mind map
create_rCreate a demo .R script
create_rmdCreate a demo markdown project
create_rosrCreate a new project or a new sub-project
create_rpkgCreate a demo R package
create_rprojCreate a .Rproj file
create_uiA shiny app for creating a rosr project
create_websiteCreate a demo blogdown website
eqInsert an equation.
eqwConvert a MathML equation for Microsoft Word
figInsert an image in the 'image/' directory.
get_yamlGet the yaml header of a string vecter from a markdown file
install_packagesInstall dependencies
read_eqRead equations from a file
render_revisedRender a revised .rmd into pdf
rmd_templaterosr Rmd template
rm_spaceremove the spaces before and after a string.
rosr_serverServer for the Shiny app create_ui
rosr_uiUI for the Shiny app create_ui
sub_projectsDisplay available sub projects
template_lsDisplay available templates in a list
template_of_sub_projectGet the template name of the given sub-project name
templatesDisplay available templates in a data frame
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