Man pages for rotations
Tools for Working with Rotation Data

Angular-distributionsAngular distributions
ArithmeticArithmetic operators on SO(3)
bayesCRBayes credible regions
bayes.meanParameter estimates based on non-informative Bayes
CayleyThe symmetric Cayley distribution
cayley.kappaCircular variance and concentration parameter
centerCenter rotation data
changM-estimator asymptotic confidence region
discordMeasure of Discord
drillDrill data set
FisherThe matrix-Fisher distribution
fisheretalTransformation based pivotal bootstrap confidence region
fisher.kappaCircular variance and concentration parameter
genRGenerate rotations
gradient.searchGradient optimization for rotation data
HaarUniform distribution
log.SO3Rotation logarithm
MaxwellThe modified Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution
maxwell.kappaCircular variance and concentration parameter
MCMCSO3MCMC for rotation data
mean.SO3Mean rotation
median.SO3Median rotation
mis.angleMisorientation angle
mis.axisMisorientation axis
MisesThe circular-von Mises distribution
nickelNickel electron backscatter diffraction data set
plot.SO3Visualizing random rotations
pointsXYZProject rotation data onto sphere
prenticeTransformation based asymptotic confidence region
project.SO3Projection into SO(3)
Q4-classQ4 class.
regionConfidence and credible regions for the central orientation
rotationsA package for working with rotation data.
rot.distRotational distance
rotdist.sumSample distance
skew.expMatrix exponential
SO3Rotation matrices
SO3-classSO3 class.
UARSGeneric UARS Distribution
vmises.kappaCircular variance and concentration parameter
weighted.mean.SO3Weighted mean rotation
zhangM-estimator theory pivotal bootstrap confidence region
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