sizelimit_route: Limit the size of requests

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Limit the size of requests


This route is meant for being called prior to retrieving of the request body. It inspects the Content-Length header and determines if the request should be allowed to proceed. The limit can be made variable by supplying a function to the limit argument returning a numeric. If the Content-Length header is missing and the limit is not Inf the response will be set to 411 - Length Required, If the header exists but exceeds the limit the response will be set to 413 - Request Entity Too Large. Otherwise the route will return TRUE and leave the response unchanged.


sizelimit_route(limit = 5 * 1024^2)



Either a numeric or a function returning a numeric when called with the request


TRUE if the request are allowed to proceed, or FALSE if it should be terminated

See Also

Other Route constructors: ressource_route()


limit_route <- sizelimit_route() # Default 5Mb limit
rook <- fiery::fake_request('', 'post',
                            headers = list(Content_Length = 30*1024^2))
req <- reqres::Request$new(rook)

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