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Row-Based Functions for R Objects

as2A more robust form of the R 'as' function.
bufferPads an object to a desired length, either with replicates of...
cbind.fillCombine arbitrary data types, filling in missing rows.
coalesceA more versatile form of the T-SQL 'coalesce()' function.
countA more versatile form of the T-SQL 'count()' function.
insertRowsInserts a matrix into another matrix.
lenAllows finding the 'length' without knowledge of...
rollApplyApplies a function over a rolling window on any data object.
rowApplyApplies a function row-wise on any data object.
rowrRow-Based Functions for R Objects
rowsAllows row indexing without knowledge of dimensionality or...
vectorizeVectorize a scalar function to work on any R object.
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