Man pages for rpatrec
Recognising Visual Charting Patterns in Time Series Data

dataDaily Closing Prices of major Stock Market Indices
generatorGenerate a time series containing a Visual Charting Pattern.
interpretRecognise patterns in Time Series Data
iqInbuilt Recoqnition for 10 different financial markets...
kernelPerform Kernel Regression on Time Series Data
loess.rpatrecUse the inbuilt function loess to smooth time series data.
mavCompute the moving average, exponential average or running...
noiseAdd noise to a time series
rpatrecrpatrec: A package to recognise Patterns in (financial) time...
sample.prePrepare Data for using with the other functions in the...
savgolayPerform Savitzgy-Golay smoothing on Time Series Data
slicerRecognise Multiple Patterns in a sinlge time series
splinesUse the inbuilt function smooth.spline to smooth time series...
test.smootherTest how well a smoother can filter noise from data
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