rpg-package: Easy Access to Advanced PostgreSQL Features

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Provides functions for connecting to, reading from and writing to a PostgreSQL database. Facilities for tracing the communication between R and PostgreSQL are provided, as are function to retieve detailed session metadata.


Package: rpg
Type: Package
Version: 1.5
Date: 2017-2-8
License: GPL

The main functions are connect, which establishes a connection, query, which issues queries and fetch, which retieves results. Intelligent defaults are used throughout. Functions that require a connection will automatically attempt to establish a valid connection based on a previous connection or from defaults. The defaults can be overriden in a variety of ways.


Timothy H. Keitt

Maintainer: Timothy H. Keitt tkeitt@gmail.com


http://github.com/thk686/rpg, http://www.postgresql.org/

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