Man pages for rphylopic
Get 'Silhouettes' of 'Organisms' from 'Phylopic'

add_phylopicInput an image and create a ggplot2 layer to add to an...
add_phylopic_baseInput an image and add to an existing plot made with base...
get_namesGet names for uuids.
imagePerform actions with images.
list_imagesList images
minimal_supertaxaFinds the minimal common supertaxa for a list of names.
namePerform actions with names.
namesetPerform actions with name sets
phylopic_countGet the total number of PhyloPic images.
plot_phylopic_base-defunctThis function is defunct.
recolor_phylopicRecolor a phylopic image
save_pngSave an image to disk as a '.png' file
search_imagesSearch for images for a taxon (via its uuid)
search_textText search for uuids
theme_phylo_blank2Fixed phylogeny blank theme for ggphylo
ubioPerform actions with uBio data.
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