rppo-package: Access the Global Plant Phenology Data Portal

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Access data from the global plant phenology data portal (PPO data portal) and phenology terms from the Plant Phenology Ontology (PPO)


rppo enables users to query the global plant phenology data portal (PPO data portal). The PPO data portal is an aggregation of phenology data from several different data sources. Currently it contains USA-NPN, NEON, and PEP725 data sources. The PPO data portal harvests data using the ppo-data-pipeline, with code available at https://github.com/biocodellc/ppo-data-pipeline/. All phenological terms in the data portal are aligned using the Plant Phenology Ontology (PPO), available at https://github.com/PlantPhenoOntology/ppo.

Two functions are contained in the rppo: ppo_terms allows users to discover present and absent phenological stages while ppo_data enables users to query the PPO data portal. The rppo package source code is available at https://github.com/ropensci/rppo/.


Maintainer: John Deck jdeck88@gmail.com


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