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Estimating Disease Prevalence from Registry Data

determine_registry_yearsDEPRECATED: Use 'determine_yearly_endpoints' instead.
determine_yearly_endpointsDetermine annual event delimiters.
functional_form_ageView the suitability of a linear effect of age on hazard.
incidenceSummarise disease incidence.
incidence_age_distributionPlot the age distribution of incident cases.
mean_incidence_rateMean disease incidence.
plot.incidenceVisualise disease incidence.
plot.survfit.prevPlot bootstrapped survival curves.
population_survival_rateTransform yearly mortality rates to daily.
prevalenceEstimate point prevalence at an index date.
prevalence_countedCount prevalence from registry data.
prevalence_simulatedEstimate prevalence using Monte Carlo simulation.
prevsimSimulated patient dataset.
raw_incidenceDEPRECATED: Please use 'yearly_incidence' instead.
rprevrprev: Estimate disease point prevalence using a combination...
summary.survfit.prevObtain N-year survival probability estimates.
survfit.prevalenceForm bootstrapped survival curves.
test_incidence_fitTest homogeneous Poisson assumption of disease incidence.
test_prevalence_fitTest simulated prevalence fit.
UKmortalityGeneral population survival data.
yearly_incidenceDisease incidence.
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