extract_chunks: Extract log-frames from an Eprime log file

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Almost all of the information in an Eprime file comes in chunks of text bracketed by the lines *** LogFrame Start *** and *** LogFrame End ***. The exception is the header information which is bracketed by *** Header Start *** and *** Header End ***.





a character vector containing the lines of text from Eprime txt file


extract_chunks extracts the bracketed text, storing each log-frame of text in a list. The lists also include some additional lines of text as metadata: Eprime.FrameNumber and Eprime.Basename (the name of the source file). The header log-frame also gets dummy lines: Procedure: Header and Running: Header.

These chunks of colon-separated lines are converted into lists by FrameList(...).


a list of character vectors, where each vector contains the lines of a log-frame

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