Man pages for rpsftm
Rank Preserving Structural Failure Time Models

est_eqnEstimating Equations for 'rpsftm()'
extract_zExtracting the z-statistic from a survival object
plot.rpsftmPlot Method
print.randPrint method
print.rpsftmPrint Method
print.rpsftm.coxphmodified version of print.coxph
print.rpsftm.summary.coxphmodified version of print.summary.coxph
print.rpsftm.summary.survregmodified version of print.summary.survreg
print.rpsftm.survregmodified version of print.survreg
randrand functions to use in the rpsftm() formula
residuals.rpsftmresidual() method for rpsftm objects
rpsftmRank Preserving Structural Failure Time Model
rpsftm-packagerpsftm: a package to fit Rank Preserving Structural Failure...
summary.rpsftmsummary Method
survfit.rpsftmsurvfit() method for rpsftm objects
untreatedUntreated Event Time
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