getadesc: Get An Assay Description

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PubChem stores a number of pieces of information for each bio-assay. These include the description of the assay, related comments as well as type information (name, units, description) for the extra columns in the assay data.

This method accesses the description information and extracts a subset of that available.





A valid assay ID. This can be obtained using if not already known


A list object with the following named components


A short description of the assay


A list of comments for the assay


A matrix with 3 columns. The first column is the name of the assay specific columns. The second column contains the descriptions of each assay specific column. The final column lists the units for each of the assay specific columns. In case an assay column is unitless, the value of the unit for that column is NA


Rajarshi Guha

See Also, get.assay

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