rrcovHD: Robust Multivariate Methods for High Dimensional Data

Robust multivariate methods for high dimensional data including outlier detection, PCA, PLS and classification.

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AuthorValentin Todorov <valentin.todorov@chello.at>
Date of publication2016-11-11 12:09:33
MaintainerValentin Todorov <valentin.todorov@chello.at>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

Cars: Consumer reports car data: dimensions

CSimca: Classification in high dimensions based on the (classical)...

CSimca-class: Class '"CSimca"' - classification in high dimensions based on...

getWeight-methods: Accessor methods to the essential slots of 'Outlier' and its...

kibler: 1985 Auto Imports Database

olitos: Olive Oil Data

Outlier-class: Class '"Outlier"' - a base class for outlier identification

OutlierMahdist: Outlier identification using robust (mahalanobis) distances...

OutlierMahdist-class: Class 'OutlierMahdist' - Outlier identification using robust...

OutlierPCDist: Outlier identification in high dimensions using the PCDIST...

OutlierPCDist-class: Class '"OutlierPCDist"' - Outlier identification in high...

OutlierPCOut: Outlier identification in high dimensions using the PCOUT...

OutlierPCOut-class: Class '"OutlierPCOut"' - Outlier identification in high...

OutlierSign1: Outlier identification in high dimensions using the SIGN1...

OutlierSign1-class: Class '"OutlierSign1"' - Outlier identification in high...

OutlierSign2: Outlier identification in high dimensions using the SIGN2...

OutlierSign2-class: Class '"OutlierSign2"' - Outlier identification in high...

PredictSimca-class: Class '"PredictSimca"' - prediction of '"Simca"' objects

PredictSosDisc-class: Class '"PredictSosDisc"' - prediction of '"SosDisc"' objects

RSimca: Robust classification in high dimensions based on the SIMCA...

RSimca-class: Class '"RSimca" - robust classification in high dimensions...

Simca-class: Class '"Simca"' - virtual base class for all classic and...

soil: Exchangable cations in forest soil data set

SosDisc-class: Class '"SosDisc"' - virtual base class for all classic and...

SosDiscClassic-class: Class 'SosDiscClassic' - sparse multigroup classification by...

SosDiscRobust: Robust and sparse multigroup classification by the optimal...

SosDiscRobust-class: Class 'SosDiscRobust' - robust and sparse multigroup...

SPcaGrid: Sparse Robust Principal Components based on Projection...

SPcaGrid-class: Class 'SPcaGrid' - Sparse Robust PCA using PP - GRID search...

SummarySimca-class: Class '"SummarySimca"' - summary of '"Simca"' objects

SummarySosDisc-class: Class '"SummarySosDisc"' - summary of '"SosDisc"' objects


Cars Man page
CSimca Man page
CSimca-class Man page
CSimca.default Man page
CSimca.formula Man page
getClassLabels Man page
getClassLabels-methods Man page
getClassLabels,Outlier-method Man page
getCutoff Man page
getCutoff-methods Man page
getCutoff,OutlierMahdist-method Man page
getCutoff,OutlierPCDist-method Man page
getCutoff,OutlierPCOut-method Man page
getCutoff,OutlierSign1-method Man page
getCutoff,OutlierSign2-method Man page
getDistance,OutlierMahdist-method Man page
getDistance,Outlier-method Man page
getDistance,OutlierPCDist-method Man page
getDistance,OutlierPCOut-method Man page
getDistance,OutlierSign1-method Man page
getDistance,OutlierSign2-method Man page
getFlag,Outlier-method Man page
getOutliers Man page
getOutliers-methods Man page
getOutliers,Outlier-method Man page
getQuan,SPcaGrid-method Man page
getWeight Man page
getWeight-methods Man page
getWeight,Outlier-method Man page
kibler Man page
kibler.orig Man page
olitos Man page
Outlier-class Man page
OutlierMahdist Man page
OutlierMahdist-class Man page
OutlierMahdist.default Man page
OutlierMahdist.formula Man page
OutlierPCDist Man page
OutlierPCDist-class Man page
OutlierPCDist.default Man page
OutlierPCDist.formula Man page
OutlierPCOut Man page
OutlierPCOut-class Man page
OutlierPCOut.default Man page
OutlierPCOut.formula Man page
OutlierSign1 Man page
OutlierSign1-class Man page
OutlierSign1.default Man page
OutlierSign1.formula Man page
OutlierSign2 Man page
OutlierSign2-class Man page
OutlierSign2.default Man page
OutlierSign2.formula Man page
plot,Outlier,missing-method Man page
plot,OutlierPCOut,missing-method Man page
PredictSimca-class Man page
predict,Simca-method Man page
PredictSosDisc-class Man page
predict, SosDisc-method Man page
RSimca Man page
RSimca-class Man page
RSimca.default Man page
RSimca.formula Man page
show,Outlier-method Man page
show,PredictSimca-method Man page
show,PredictSosDisc-method Man page
show,Simca-method Man page
show, SosDisc-method Man page
show,SummarySimca-method Man page
show,SummarySosDisc-method Man page
Simca-class Man page
soil Man page
SosDisc-class Man page
SosDiscClassic-class Man page
SosDiscRobust Man page
SosDiscRobust-class Man page
SosDiscRobust.default Man page
SosDiscRobust.formula Man page
SPcaGrid Man page
SPcaGrid-class Man page
SPcaGrid.default Man page
SPcaGrid.formula Man page
SummarySimca-class Man page
summary,Simca-method Man page
SummarySosDisc-class Man page
summary, SosDisc-method Man page

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