rredis: "Redis" Key/Value Database Client

R client interface to the "Redis" key-value database.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorB. W. Lewis
Date of publication2015-07-05 23:37:49
MaintainerB. W. Lewis <blewis@illposed.net>
LicenseApache License (>= 2.0)

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Man pages

incr: Increment or decrement Redis values.

redisAuth: Redis authentication.

redisBgRewriteAOF: redisBgRewriteAOF

redisBgSave: redisBgSave

redisBitCount: Redis BITCOUNT - count all bits in key

redisBitOp: Redis BITOP - execute bitoperations on multiple bitsets

redisBLPop: Blocking List Pop

redisBRPop: Blocking List Pop

redisBRPopLPush: Remove the tail from a list, blocking if it does not exist,...

redisClose: Close an open connection to a Redis server.

redisCmd: General Redis Interface Function

redisConnect: Connect to a Redis server.

redisDBSize: Return the number of keys in the current Redis database.

redisDelete: Delete a key and associated value from Redis.

redisDiscard: redisDiscard

redisEval: Evaluate a Lua script in the Redis server.

redisExec: redisExec

redisExists: Test the existence of a key in the Redis database.

redisExpire: Set a timeout on the specified key.

redisExpireAt: Set a timeout on the specified key.

redisFlushAll: Delete all keys and values from all databases.

redisFlushDB: Delete all keys and values from the current database.

redisGet: Retrieve a value from Redis.

redisGetBit: Redis BITSET gets - get binary value

redisGetResponse: redisGetResponse

redisGetSet: Store a value in Redis, returning the previously defined...

redisHDel: Delete a hash value.

redisHExists: Test the existence of a hash.

redisHFields: Redis hash fields.

redisHGet: Retrieve a hased value from Redis.

redisHGetAll: Redis hash fields and values.

redisHIncrBy: Increment a value.

redisHKeys: Redis hash fields.

redisHLen: Redis hash length.

redisHMGet: Retrieve a list of hash values.

redisHMSet: Store a list of hash values.

redisHSet: Store a hash value in Redis.

redisHVals: Redis hash values.

redisInfo: redisInfo

redisKeys: Return a list of all keys in the active Redis database.

redisLIndex: Retrieve a value from a Redis 'list.'

redisLLen: Redis list length.

redisLPop: Remove the first element from a list.

redisLPush: Add a value to the head tail of a list.

redisLRange: Copy values from a list.

redisLRem: Remove elements from a list.

redisLSet: Set a value within a list.

redisLTrim: Trim a list.

redisMGet: Retrieve one or more values from Redis.

redisMonitorChannels: redisMonitorChannels

redisMove: Move the specified key/value pair to another database.

redisMSet: Set one or more key/value pairs in the Redis database.

redisMulti: redisMulti

redisPersist: Clear expiration flags for a key

redisPublish: redisPublish

redisRandomKey: Return a randomly selected key from the currently selected...

redisRename: Rename a key.

redisRPop: Remove the last element from a list.

redisRPopLPush: Remove the tail from a list, pushing to another.

redisSAdd: Add an element to a set.

redisSave: redisSave

redisSCard: Set cardinality

redisSDiff: Return the difference of two or more sets.

redisSDiffStore: Store the difference of two or more sets.

redisSelect: Select a redis database.

redisSet: Store a value in Redis.

redisSetBit: Redis BITSET - set binary value

redisSetContext: redisSetContext

redisSetPipeline: Set the Redis message blocking state.

redisShutdown: redisShutdown

redisSInter: Find and return the intersection of two or more sets.

redisSInterStore: Store intersection of two or more sets.

redisSIsMember: Test for set membership

redisSlaveOf: redisSlaveOf

redisSMembers: List elements of a set.

redisSMove: Move a set element.

redisSort: redisSort

redisSPop: Remove and return an element from a set.

redisSRandMember: Choose a random element from a set

redisSRem: Remove an element from a set.

redisSubscribe: redisSubscribe

redisSUnion: Return the union of two or more sets.

redisSUnionStore: Store the union of two or more sets.

redisTTL: Return the time to live for a key set to expire.

redisType: Query a Redis value type.

redisUnsubscribe: redisUnsubscribe

redisUnwatch: redisUnwatch

redisWatch: redisWatch

redisZAdd: redisZAdd

redisZCard: redisZCard.Rd

redisZCount: redisZCount

redisZIncrBy: redisZIncrBy

redisZInterStore: redisZInterStore

redisZRange: redisZRange

redisZRangeByScore: redisZRangeByScore

redisZRank: redisZRank

redisZRem: redisZRem

redisZRemRangeByRank: redisZRemRangeByRank.Rd

redisZRemRangeByScore: redisZRemRangeByScore.Rd

redisZScore: redisZScore

redisZUnionStore: redisZUnionStore

rredis-package: Redis interface package.


redisAuth Man page
redisBgRewriteAOF Man page
redisBgSave Man page
redisBitCount Man page
redisBitOp Man page
redisBLPop Man page
redisBRPop Man page
redisBRPopLPush Man page
redisClose Man page
redisCmd Man page
redisConnect Man page
redisDBSize Man page
redisDecr Man page
redisDecrBy Man page
redisDelete Man page
redisDiscard Man page
redisEval Man page
redisExec Man page
redisExists Man page
redisExpire Man page
redisExpireAt Man page
redisFlushAll Man page
redisFlushDB Man page
redisGet Man page
redisGetBit Man page
redisGetContext Man page
redisGetResponse Man page
redisGetSet Man page
redisHDel Man page
redisHExists Man page
redisHFields Man page
redisHGet Man page
redisHGetAll Man page
redisHIncrBy Man page
redisHIncrByFloat Man page
redisHKeys Man page
redisHLen Man page
redisHMGet Man page
redisHMSet Man page
redisHSet Man page
redisHVals Man page
redisIncr Man page
redisIncrBy Man page
redisIncrByFloat Man page
redisInfo Man page
redisKeys Man page
redisLIndex Man page
redisLLen Man page
redisLPop Man page
redisLPush Man page
redisLRange Man page
redisLRem Man page
redisLSet Man page
redisLTrim Man page
redisMGet Man page
redisMonitorChannels Man page
redisMove Man page
redisMSet Man page
redisMulti Man page
redisPersist Man page
redisPexpire Man page
redisPexpireAt Man page
redisPTTL Man page
redisPublish Man page
redisRandomKey Man page
redisRename Man page
redisRPop Man page
redisRPopLPush Man page
redisRPush Man page
redisSAdd Man page
redisSave Man page
redisSCard Man page
redisSDiff Man page
redisSDiffStore Man page
redisSelect Man page
redisSet Man page
redisSetBit Man page
redisSetBlocking Man page
redisSetContext Man page
redisSetPipeline Man page
redisShutdown Man page
redisSInter Man page
redisSInterStore Man page
redisSIsMember Man page
redisSlaveOf Man page
redisSMembers Man page
redisSMove Man page
redisSort Man page
redisSPop Man page
redisSRandMember Man page
redisSRem Man page
redisSubscribe Man page
redisSUnion Man page
redisSUnionStore Man page
redisTTL Man page
redisType Man page
redisUnsubscribe Man page
redisUnwatch Man page
redisWatch Man page
redisZAdd Man page
redisZCard Man page
redisZCount Man page
redisZIncrBy Man page
redisZInterStore Man page
redisZRange Man page
redisZRangeByScore Man page
redisZRank Man page
redisZRem Man page
redisZRemRangeByRank Man page
redisZRemRangeByScore Man page
redisZScore Man page
redisZUnionStore Man page
rredis Man page


inst/test/zsetTest.R inst/test/basicTest.R inst/test/setTest.R inst/test/runit.zsetTest.R inst/test/runit.bitopTest.R inst/test/endTest.R inst/test/runit.endTest.R inst/test/bitopTest.R inst/test/runit.basicTest.R inst/test/runit.setTest.R inst/test/runTest.R
R/zsetVal.R R/controlCMD.R R/hashCMD.R R/pubsub.R R/setVal.R R/redis-internal.R R/allValCMD.R R/bitops.R R/strValCMD.R R/scriptCMD.R R/listCMD.R
man/redisType.Rd man/redisLTrim.Rd man/redisSMembers.Rd man/redisExpireAt.Rd man/redisHGetAll.Rd man/redisZUnionStore.Rd man/redisBgRewriteAOF.Rd man/redisZRemRangeByScore.Rd man/redisHLen.Rd man/redisZRemRangeByRank.Rd man/redisSInterStore.Rd man/redisFlushDB.Rd man/redisSDiff.Rd man/redisLRem.Rd man/redisSubscribe.Rd man/redisMulti.Rd man/redisHFields.Rd man/redisUnwatch.Rd man/redisHExists.Rd man/redisSetPipeline.Rd man/redisBRPopLPush.Rd man/redisZRangeByScore.Rd man/redisHMSet.Rd man/redisMSet.Rd man/redisEval.Rd man/redisRPop.Rd man/redisZInterStore.Rd man/redisExpire.Rd man/redisHVals.Rd man/redisSPop.Rd man/redisLLen.Rd man/redisSetContext.Rd man/redisMGet.Rd man/redisSUnion.Rd man/redisLRange.Rd man/redisSInter.Rd man/redisZCount.Rd man/redisBRPop.Rd man/rredis-package.Rd man/redisHKeys.Rd man/redisSIsMember.Rd man/redisZScore.Rd man/redisSUnionStore.Rd man/redisZRem.Rd man/redisGetBit.Rd man/redisBitCount.Rd man/redisSave.Rd man/redisSRandMember.Rd man/redisMonitorChannels.Rd man/redisZRange.Rd man/redisLPush.Rd man/incr.Rd man/redisClose.Rd man/redisFlushAll.Rd man/redisGet.Rd man/redisRename.Rd man/redisBitOp.Rd man/redisSRem.Rd man/redisPersist.Rd man/redisZCard.Rd man/redisLPop.Rd man/redisSetBit.Rd man/redisGetSet.Rd man/redisExec.Rd man/redisZIncrBy.Rd man/redisAuth.Rd man/redisBLPop.Rd man/redisBgSave.Rd man/redisCmd.Rd man/redisLSet.Rd man/redisZAdd.Rd man/redisMove.Rd man/redisDiscard.Rd man/redisKeys.Rd man/redisDBSize.Rd man/redisDelete.Rd man/redisSort.Rd man/redisPublish.Rd man/redisShutdown.Rd man/redisSet.Rd man/redisInfo.Rd man/redisSAdd.Rd man/redisRPopLPush.Rd man/redisHSet.Rd man/redisSlaveOf.Rd man/redisRandomKey.Rd man/redisHMGet.Rd man/redisExists.Rd man/redisHIncrBy.Rd man/redisWatch.Rd man/redisHGet.Rd man/redisTTL.Rd man/redisSDiffStore.Rd man/redisSelect.Rd man/redisConnect.Rd man/redisGetResponse.Rd man/redisZRank.Rd man/redisLIndex.Rd man/redisSCard.Rd man/redisUnsubscribe.Rd man/redisHDel.Rd man/redisSMove.Rd

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