rredis: "Redis" Key/Value Database Client

R client interface to the "Redis" key-value database.

AuthorB. W. Lewis
Date of publication2015-07-05 23:37:49
MaintainerB. W. Lewis <blewis@illposed.net>
LicenseApache License (>= 2.0)

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Man pages

incr: Increment or decrement Redis values.

redisAuth: Redis authentication.

redisBgRewriteAOF: redisBgRewriteAOF

redisBgSave: redisBgSave

redisBitCount: Redis BITCOUNT - count all bits in key

redisBitOp: Redis BITOP - execute bitoperations on multiple bitsets

redisBLPop: Blocking List Pop

redisBRPop: Blocking List Pop

redisBRPopLPush: Remove the tail from a list, blocking if it does not exist,...

redisClose: Close an open connection to a Redis server.

redisCmd: General Redis Interface Function

redisConnect: Connect to a Redis server.

redisDBSize: Return the number of keys in the current Redis database.

redisDelete: Delete a key and associated value from Redis.

redisDiscard: redisDiscard

redisEval: Evaluate a Lua script in the Redis server.

redisExec: redisExec

redisExists: Test the existence of a key in the Redis database.

redisExpire: Set a timeout on the specified key.

redisExpireAt: Set a timeout on the specified key.

redisFlushAll: Delete all keys and values from all databases.

redisFlushDB: Delete all keys and values from the current database.

redisGet: Retrieve a value from Redis.

redisGetBit: Redis BITSET gets - get binary value

redisGetResponse: redisGetResponse

redisGetSet: Store a value in Redis, returning the previously defined...

redisHDel: Delete a hash value.

redisHExists: Test the existence of a hash.

redisHFields: Redis hash fields.

redisHGet: Retrieve a hased value from Redis.

redisHGetAll: Redis hash fields and values.

redisHIncrBy: Increment a value.

redisHKeys: Redis hash fields.

redisHLen: Redis hash length.

redisHMGet: Retrieve a list of hash values.

redisHMSet: Store a list of hash values.

redisHSet: Store a hash value in Redis.

redisHVals: Redis hash values.

redisInfo: redisInfo

redisKeys: Return a list of all keys in the active Redis database.

redisLIndex: Retrieve a value from a Redis 'list.'

redisLLen: Redis list length.

redisLPop: Remove the first element from a list.

redisLPush: Add a value to the head tail of a list.

redisLRange: Copy values from a list.

redisLRem: Remove elements from a list.

redisLSet: Set a value within a list.

redisLTrim: Trim a list.

redisMGet: Retrieve one or more values from Redis.

redisMonitorChannels: redisMonitorChannels

redisMove: Move the specified key/value pair to another database.

redisMSet: Set one or more key/value pairs in the Redis database.

redisMulti: redisMulti

redisPersist: Clear expiration flags for a key

redisPublish: redisPublish

redisRandomKey: Return a randomly selected key from the currently selected...

redisRename: Rename a key.

redisRPop: Remove the last element from a list.

redisRPopLPush: Remove the tail from a list, pushing to another.

redisSAdd: Add an element to a set.

redisSave: redisSave

redisSCard: Set cardinality

redisSDiff: Return the difference of two or more sets.

redisSDiffStore: Store the difference of two or more sets.

redisSelect: Select a redis database.

redisSet: Store a value in Redis.

redisSetBit: Redis BITSET - set binary value

redisSetContext: redisSetContext

redisSetPipeline: Set the Redis message blocking state.

redisShutdown: redisShutdown

redisSInter: Find and return the intersection of two or more sets.

redisSInterStore: Store intersection of two or more sets.

redisSIsMember: Test for set membership

redisSlaveOf: redisSlaveOf

redisSMembers: List elements of a set.

redisSMove: Move a set element.

redisSort: redisSort

redisSPop: Remove and return an element from a set.

redisSRandMember: Choose a random element from a set

redisSRem: Remove an element from a set.

redisSubscribe: redisSubscribe

redisSUnion: Return the union of two or more sets.

redisSUnionStore: Store the union of two or more sets.

redisTTL: Return the time to live for a key set to expire.

redisType: Query a Redis value type.

redisUnsubscribe: redisUnsubscribe

redisUnwatch: redisUnwatch

redisWatch: redisWatch

redisZAdd: redisZAdd

redisZCard: redisZCard.Rd

redisZCount: redisZCount

redisZIncrBy: redisZIncrBy

redisZInterStore: redisZInterStore

redisZRange: redisZRange

redisZRangeByScore: redisZRangeByScore

redisZRank: redisZRank

redisZRem: redisZRem

redisZRemRangeByRank: redisZRemRangeByRank.Rd

redisZRemRangeByScore: redisZRemRangeByScore.Rd

redisZScore: redisZScore

redisZUnionStore: redisZUnionStore

rredis-package: Redis interface package.

Files in this package

rredis/R/zsetVal.R rredis/R/controlCMD.R rredis/R/hashCMD.R rredis/R/pubsub.R rredis/R/setVal.R rredis/R/redis-internal.R rredis/R/allValCMD.R rredis/R/bitops.R rredis/R/strValCMD.R rredis/R/scriptCMD.R rredis/R/listCMD.R
rredis/man/redisType.Rd rredis/man/redisLTrim.Rd rredis/man/redisSMembers.Rd rredis/man/redisExpireAt.Rd rredis/man/redisHGetAll.Rd rredis/man/redisZUnionStore.Rd rredis/man/redisBgRewriteAOF.Rd rredis/man/redisZRemRangeByScore.Rd rredis/man/redisHLen.Rd rredis/man/redisZRemRangeByRank.Rd rredis/man/redisSInterStore.Rd rredis/man/redisFlushDB.Rd rredis/man/redisSDiff.Rd rredis/man/redisLRem.Rd rredis/man/redisSubscribe.Rd rredis/man/redisMulti.Rd rredis/man/redisHFields.Rd rredis/man/redisUnwatch.Rd rredis/man/redisHExists.Rd rredis/man/redisSetPipeline.Rd rredis/man/redisBRPopLPush.Rd rredis/man/redisZRangeByScore.Rd rredis/man/redisHMSet.Rd rredis/man/redisMSet.Rd rredis/man/redisEval.Rd rredis/man/redisRPop.Rd rredis/man/redisZInterStore.Rd rredis/man/redisExpire.Rd rredis/man/redisHVals.Rd rredis/man/redisSPop.Rd rredis/man/redisLLen.Rd rredis/man/redisSetContext.Rd rredis/man/redisMGet.Rd rredis/man/redisSUnion.Rd rredis/man/redisLRange.Rd rredis/man/redisSInter.Rd rredis/man/redisZCount.Rd rredis/man/redisBRPop.Rd rredis/man/rredis-package.Rd rredis/man/redisHKeys.Rd rredis/man/redisSIsMember.Rd rredis/man/redisZScore.Rd rredis/man/redisSUnionStore.Rd rredis/man/redisZRem.Rd rredis/man/redisGetBit.Rd rredis/man/redisBitCount.Rd rredis/man/redisSave.Rd rredis/man/redisSRandMember.Rd rredis/man/redisMonitorChannels.Rd rredis/man/redisZRange.Rd rredis/man/redisLPush.Rd rredis/man/incr.Rd rredis/man/redisClose.Rd rredis/man/redisFlushAll.Rd rredis/man/redisGet.Rd rredis/man/redisRename.Rd rredis/man/redisBitOp.Rd rredis/man/redisSRem.Rd rredis/man/redisPersist.Rd rredis/man/redisZCard.Rd rredis/man/redisLPop.Rd rredis/man/redisSetBit.Rd rredis/man/redisGetSet.Rd rredis/man/redisExec.Rd rredis/man/redisZIncrBy.Rd rredis/man/redisAuth.Rd rredis/man/redisBLPop.Rd rredis/man/redisBgSave.Rd rredis/man/redisCmd.Rd rredis/man/redisLSet.Rd rredis/man/redisZAdd.Rd rredis/man/redisMove.Rd rredis/man/redisDiscard.Rd rredis/man/redisKeys.Rd rredis/man/redisDBSize.Rd rredis/man/redisDelete.Rd rredis/man/redisSort.Rd rredis/man/redisPublish.Rd rredis/man/redisShutdown.Rd rredis/man/redisSet.Rd rredis/man/redisInfo.Rd rredis/man/redisSAdd.Rd rredis/man/redisRPopLPush.Rd rredis/man/redisHSet.Rd rredis/man/redisSlaveOf.Rd rredis/man/redisRandomKey.Rd rredis/man/redisHMGet.Rd rredis/man/redisExists.Rd rredis/man/redisHIncrBy.Rd rredis/man/redisWatch.Rd rredis/man/redisHGet.Rd rredis/man/redisTTL.Rd rredis/man/redisSDiffStore.Rd rredis/man/redisSelect.Rd rredis/man/redisConnect.Rd rredis/man/redisGetResponse.Rd rredis/man/redisZRank.Rd rredis/man/redisLIndex.Rd rredis/man/redisSCard.Rd rredis/man/redisUnsubscribe.Rd rredis/man/redisHDel.Rd rredis/man/redisSMove.Rd

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