rriskDistributions: Fitting Distributions to Given Data or Known Quantiles

Collection of functions for fitting distributions to given data or by known quantiles. Two main functions fit.perc() and fit.cont() provide users a GUI that allows to choose a most appropriate distribution without any knowledge of the R syntax. Note, this package is a part of the 'rrisk' project.

AuthorNatalia Belgorodski [aut] (STAT-UP Statistical Consulting), Matthias Greiner [aut, cre] (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Germany), Kristin Tolksdorf [aut] (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Germany), Katharina Schueller [aut] (STAT-UP Statistical Consulting), Matthias Flor [ctb] (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Germany), Lutz Göhring [ctb] (Lutz Göhring Consulting)
Date of publication2017-03-24 13:17:43 UTC
MaintainerMatthias Greiner <matthias.greiner@bfr.bund.de>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

fit.cont: GUI for fitting continuous distributions to given data

fit.perc: Choosing distribution by given quantiles

get.beta.par: Fitting parameters of a Beta distribution from two or more...

get.cauchy.par: Fitting parameters of a Cauchy distribution from two or more...

get.chisqnc.par: Fitting parameters of a non-central chi-square distribution...

get.chisq.par: Fitting parameter of a chi-square distribution from one or...

get.exp.par: Fitting parameters of an exponential distribution from one or...

get.f.par: Fitting parameters of a F distribution from two or more...

get.gamma.par: Fitting parameters of a gamma distribution from two or more...

get.gompertz.par: Fitting parameters of a Gompertz distribution from two or...

get.hyper.par: Fitting parameters of a hypergeometric distribution from...

get.lnorm.par: Fitting parameters of a lognormal distribution from two or...

get.logis.par: Fitting parameters of a logistic distribution from two or...

get.nbinom.par: Fitting parameters of a negative binomial distribution from...

get.norm.par: Fitting parameters of normal distribution from two or more...

get.norm.sd: Fitting standard deviation of a normal distribution from one...

get.pert.par: Fitting parameters of a pert distribution from four or more...

get.pois.par: Fitting parameter of Poisson distribution from one or more...

get.tnorm.par: Fitting parameters of truncated normal distribution from four...

get.t.par: Fitting parameter of a Student's t distribution from one or...

get.triang.par: Fitting parameters of a triangular distribution from three or...

get.unif.par: Fitting parameters of a uniform distribution from two or more...

get.weibull.par: Fitting parameters of a Weibull distribution from two or more...

plotDiagnostics.perc: Graphical tools for choosing distribution by given quantiles

rriskDistributions-package: Fitting distributions to given data or known quantiles

rriskFitdist.cont: Fitting univariate distributions by maximum likelihood or by...

rriskFitdist.perc: Fitting an amount of distribution families by given quantiles

rriskMLEdist: Maximum likelihood fitting of univariate distributions

rriskMMEdist: Fitting univariate distributions by matching moments

useFitdist: Fitting amount continuous distributions to given univariate...


fit.cont Man page
fit.perc Man page
get.beta.par Man page
get.cauchy.par Man page
get.chisqnc.par Man page
get.chisq.par Man page
get.exp.par Man page
get.f.par Man page
get.gamma.par Man page
get.gompertz.par Man page
get.hyper.par Man page
get.lnorm.par Man page
get.logis.par Man page
get.nbinom.par Man page
get.norm.par Man page
get.norm.sd Man page
get.pert.par Man page
get.pois.par Man page
get.tnorm.par Man page
get.t.par Man page
get.triang.par Man page
get.unif.par Man page
get.weibull.par Man page
plotDiagnostics.perc Man page
rriskDistributions Man page
rriskDistributions-package Man page
rriskFitdist.cont Man page
rriskFitdist.perc Man page
rriskMLEdist Man page
rriskMMEdist Man page
useFitdist Man page


rriskDistributions/R/rriskDistributions-package.R rriskDistributions/R/rriskDistributions_functions.R
rriskDistributions/man/get.t.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/rriskFitdist.cont.Rd rriskDistributions/man/rriskMLEdist.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.lnorm.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.chisqnc.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.exp.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.cauchy.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.unif.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.triang.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.norm.sd.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.norm.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.hyper.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.chisq.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.pois.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.weibull.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.beta.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.nbinom.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.logis.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/rriskMMEdist.Rd rriskDistributions/man/fit.cont.Rd rriskDistributions/man/rriskDistributions-package.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.gompertz.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/fit.perc.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.pert.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/plotDiagnostics.perc.Rd rriskDistributions/man/useFitdist.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.gamma.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.tnorm.par.Rd rriskDistributions/man/rriskFitdist.perc.Rd rriskDistributions/man/get.f.par.Rd

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