Man pages for rscala
Bridge Between 'R' and 'Scala' with Callbacks

close.rscalaBridgeClose a Scala Bridge
is.scalaReferenceTest for Scala Reference
plus-.rscalaBridgeDeclaration Operator
pow-.rscalaBridgeEvaluation Operator Returning a Reference and Transcompile...
scalaInstantiate a Scala Bridge
scalaConfigConfigure Scala and Java
scalaDevelDeployJARsDeploy JAR Files into the Package File System
scalaDevelDownloadJARsDownload and Deploy JAR Files into the Package File System
scalaDisconnectTemporarily Disconnect Scala by Closing Connections
scalaFindBridgeFind a Scala Bridge
scalaLastRetrieve the Last Scala Computation
scalaLazyLazily Execute Functions on a Scala Bridge
scalaMemoryGet or Set Memory Available to Scala
scalaPushPush and Pull Objects Between R and Scala
scalaPushRegisterRegister Functions to Push and Pull Between R and Scala
scalaSBTRun SBT and Deploy JAR Files
scalaTypeGet or Specify a Scala Type
scalaVersionJARsJAR Files for Support Scala Versions
times-.rscalaBridgeEvaluation Operator
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