Man pages for rsem
Robust Structural Equation Modeling with Missing Data and Auxiliary Variables

mardiamv25Simulated data
rsemThe main function for robust SEM analysis
rsem.AscovSandwich-type covariance matrix
rsem.DPGenerate a duplication matrix
rsem.emmusigRobust mean and covariance matrix using Huber-type weight
rsem.fitCalculate robust test statistics
rsem.gnameInternal function
rsem.indexrsem.index function
rsem.indexvrsem.indexv function
rsem.indexvcrsem.indexvc function
rsem.lavaanConduct robust SEM analysis using lavaan
rsem-packageRobust Structural Equation Modeling with Missing Data and...
rsem.patternObtaining missing data patterns
rsem.printOrganize the output for Lavaan with robust s.e. and test...
rsem.seCalculate robust standard errors
rsem.ssqCalculate the squared sum of a matrix
rsem.switchswith function
rsem.switch.gammaInternal function
rsem.vecStacking a matrix to a vector
rsem.vechStacking lower triange of a matrix to a vector
rsem.weightCalculate weight for each subject
semdiag.combinationsEnumerate the Combinations of the Elements of a Vector of EQS outputs into R EQS from R
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