Man pages for rsetse
Strain Elevation Tension Spring Embedding

biconnected_networkA simple network made of three bi-connected components
calc_spring_areaCalculate the cross sectional area of the edge
calc_spring_constantCalculate the spring constant
calc_tension_strainCalculate line tension and strain from the topology and node...
create_balanced_blocksCreate balanced blocks
create_node_edge_dfCreate dataframe of node and aggregated edge embeddings
generate_peels_networkCreate a random Peel network
mass_adjusterMass adjuster
pipePipe operator
prepare_SETSe_binaryBinary network prepare
prepare_SETSe_continuousPrepare continuous network
remove_small_componentsRemove small components
SETSeSETSe algorithm The basic SETSe function.
SETSe_autoSETSe embedding with automatic drag and timestep selection
SETSe_bicompSETSe embedding on each bi-connected component using...
SETSe_expandedSETSe embedding showing full convergence history
SETSe_shiftSETSe algorithm with automatic timestep adjustment
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