rspa-package: A package for minimal vector adjustment.

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A package for minimal vector adjustment.


Given a vector \boldsymbol{x}^0, and a set linear restrictions of the form \boldsymbol{a}_i\cdot\boldsymbol{x}_i=b_i and/or \boldsymbol{a}_i\cdot\boldsymbol{x}_i≤q b_i with i=1,2,…,m. This package finds the nearest vector to \boldsymbol{x}^0 (in the (weighted) euclidean sense) that satisfies all restrictions.

Much of this package's functionality, including algorithms for working with large, sparse problems has been moved to the lintools package. This package will serve as a front-end for application of the succsessive projection algorithm for data stored in data.frame like objects.

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